Why do things go out of stock?

We work with the seasons and everything is local.  Once something is sold out we can't make more until its season comes around again.  Everything is small batch and crafted by hand, so we can't make that much.  Also, depending on the flavor, there might be a frost or a bad storm and that year's crop doesn't make it.  Our advice?  Order early, and if you know you want a big order of something special, send us a note.

Can I send a gift?

Sure, just send us a quick email and we will include your happy little note with the package and make sure that there are no prices on the packing slip!  This is a micro-business and we enjoy making it a special experience for everyone.

Do you do wholesale?  Special order?

Absolutely, get in touch and let us know what you are interested in.

How can you ship everywhere from Alaska for $10?  

We can't, this is a special deal while we get this whole website thing up and running.  Take advantage of it now!

How big are the 2oz size?

This is a great size for a taster, enough to share at breakfast with a few very lucky friends.  These are great if you want to put together a sampler.  These are perfect to get you crazy-addicted to your favorite flavors and start buying the 7.5 oz size by the case.

Tell me about your packaging?

Everything is some combination of reused, reusable, recycled, biodegradable, burnable, compostable and the minimum packaging necessary.  We absolutely refuse to add disgusting packaging waste to the world.  Those pretty boxes for the Taste of Alaska?  My husband rips those out of leftover scrap from a building project.   The little packets of salt?  Natural, biodegradable celo that you can put right into your home compost.  

Is everything as amazing as you make it seem on this website, living in Alaska, creating Dipper Kitchen jams and jellies, all of it?

No.  Putting little in kids in snowsuits is like Dante's third circle.  I get a lot of thorns stuck in painful places while picking berries.  I am always being stung by bees.  I wake up at 3 in the morning to cook jam.  Living in a small community is great except sometimes it is not.  Also, the dog is always rolling in rotten fish that the bears drag up in the fall.  I hate that.